6 Reasons To Make Simply Sheds Your #1 Choice

Shopping for a shed online is very different to buying from one of the "big box retailers" in Australia.

You miss out on the "touch" (if they have it in stock), and for some people they would rather spend a few hundred extra $$$ for that luxury, and thats ok, we get that, it's not like you're buying shoes here!

When you are buying online it's important that you ask yourself a number of questions to make sure you are truly getting the most overall value:

- Is the shed I'm purchasing manufactured in Australia, by an Australian brand to Australian standards?

- Have I factored into the price the cost of shipping, and is the shipping policy reasonable and fair?

- Is the company I'm purchasing from reliable?

- Can I be certain my personal information is not at risk?

- Will I get the right size shed for what I want?


We Choose Only Quality Australian Brands So That Your Shed Truly Meets Australian Standards.We Choose Only Quality Australian Brands So That Your Shed Truly Meets Australian Standards.

We decided early on that we only wanted to stock, and promote quality Australian Brands.  

Apart from the peace of mind that goes with having upwards of a 30 year warranty, backed by Australian companies that have been around for decades, it also means that your shed is guaranteed to meet Australian engineering standards.


Shop Direct And Save!Shop Direct And Save!

Simply Sheds is one of Australias top shed retailers (behind the big box retailers), and probably Australias largest online only retailer (we say probably because we can only go by industry feedback, and that we service upwards of 1000 customers a month).

If you browse around our site, you'll find that most of our products are 20-30% below the other major offline retailers. The reason we can offer you such incredible value, is because we are 100% online, and we keep our costs as low as possible without sacrificing on service.


Free Or Flat Rate Home Delivery & Free & Flat Rate Pickup From Depots Around Australia

Free Or Flat Rate Home Delivery & Free & Flat Rate Pickup From Depots Around Australia

Shipping heavy stuff costs money.  In some cases it can cost a lot of money.  Australia is a very large place, it's ranked as the 3rd lowest population density country in the would (along with Iceland...).

To combat this, we came up with a way to make the shipping costs as simply as possible.  For over 90% of our products, we offer a Free or Flat rate shipping fee Australia Wide, most of which also have a Free Pickup Option in over 50 locations Australia Wide also.  Some companies might try to entire you with lower priced goods but they make their money on shipping costs.  On average, we lose money on every home delivery (we don't agree with making money extra on a service that should be standard, just so we can offer a lower price).


Best Price Or The Product Is Free"Best Price Or The Product Is Free"

Getting a good deal is important.  But you shouldn't need to worry about whether you are getting a good deal when you've found a shed you love.

That's why we offer a simple, Best Price Or The Profit Is Free guarantee.  None of this "10% this, 5% that stuff".  Margins in sheds are thin.  Razor thin (that's why some companies try to make money on the shipping).  We're confident that you'll not find a better deal advertised on the same product, online or offline.  If you do, we'll beat it or the product is free, it's that simple.


60 Minute Answers60 Minute Answers

Something we have pioneered (as far as we are aware) in the online shed industry, is our 60 Minute Answer service (the only condition is that it has to be within business hours).

This means that you can surf around and find a shed you like at lunch, shoot us a question, and it will be answered before you finish work, or ready for when you get home.  Obviously you can call us too, but for the time conscious (that's why we shop online isn't it?) this is the perfect solution.


256-Bit SSL Encryption Making Purchasing Online Safe

256-Bit SSL Encryption Making Purchasing Online Safe

What is 256-Bit SSL Encription?  It means that when you hit our checkout, any information you enter is safe and secure.  Not even we can see your credit card details if you purchase online (we can only see the last 4 digits and expiration date for checking purposes).  

To put it another way, 256-Bit encription is basically "military grade".  It would take someone using the latest super computer more time than the universe has been calculated to exist to get your personal info.  It's as safe as it gets.