Spanbilt Garages

Whether you’re into cars and other motorised vehicles as a hobby or as a business, you’ll love Spanbilt’s Garages. Each is designed to have a space-saving roller door for every vehicle; that is, two doors for the two-car garage and three separate entrances for the three-car model. And they’re all made of high-quality steel and finished in either Zinc or in Colour.

The simple Double Garage with two single rollers is the best seller in this line. It’s versatile since you can make it into a dual-function shed. You can still park your car in it, but save the other for your storage or workshop. But if you really want a garage and workshop under one roof, we’ve also got the solution like this Double Garage with Workshop.

If you wish to see more products similar to these, you might want to see all our Roller Door Garages. Or if you wish to save in terms of space and budget, you can check out our Carports -- all quality steel shelters for your vehicles.

Price Updated as of July 22 2018

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Last Updated: July 22 2018