3 x 6 Garden Sheds

Utility Garden Shed 3m x 5.96m in ZInc
Width: 3.00m
Depth: 5.96m
Height: 2.06m
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Last Updated: July 26 2021

You just gotta love these big sheds! You can turn them into a generous hobby area, whether you’re into automobiles and bikes, home improvement, sports, arts, etc. But of course, they also make a perfect solution for gardening and storage.

This particular size of garden sheds comes with a gable roof design with a standard 2.1m height. But for those who want or need more headroom, we’ve got them taller – like this ABSCO Highlander 3m x 5.96m.

But if you need a unit that’s a little less deep, you might want to take a look at our 3 x 4.5 Garden Sheds. And if you want a square shed, we’ve also got 3 x 3 gable sheds that are also among our bestsellers.

Price Updated as of July 26 2021