Timber Sheds

While we specialise in steel sheds, we also have excellent Timber Sheds! We’re proud to offer this charming selection. Each shed features kiln-dried Western red cedar, which is naturally resistant to insects, rotting and splitting. It’s also processed without using any harmful chemical treatment.

Want something you can turn into a relaxing retreat or a home office? Make your dream come true and get one of our Timber Cabins. Or if you’re looking for something for the kids, grab one of our Cubby Houses. You still have a lot of other choices here, ranging from the basic lean-to sheds to the lovely gazebos.

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Why You Would Want Wood

It looks pretty. It exudes warmth. It blends well with the garden. There are many other reasons why people love wood in their homes. But in the recent years, its popularity has gone down – mainly because it’s become expensive. Some have also seen that they’re prone to rotting and other problems.

But many timbers of today have gone past these disadvantages. Quality wood materials now are longer-lasting, cheaper and more eco-friendly. Just like the ones used in the shed kits we offer here at Simply Sheds.

Type of tree and treatment. Western red cedar is the one mostly used in our timber sheds, and it's known for its resistance to insects and rotting and its high insulating property. The pine wood used in our sheds is of excellent quality, and is treated without any arsenic or other harmful substances.

Eco-friendly procedures. Our trusted manufacturers produce sheds with materials made according to rules and regulations set by the government’s environmental programs. They set out to prove that you don’t have to destroy nature to build sheds.

Beauty. As expressed above, wood is naturally beautiful and a great match for the outdoors. When used in sheds, it makes the structure unique even if it’s just one type of wood, follows the same model, has the same roof and accessories, etc.

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