Garage Sheds

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Last Updated: September 29 2020

Need some tough lovin’ for your vehicles? Our Garages are all made of quality steel that can withstand the harsh conditions here in Australia.

We’ve got all the sizes you need -- from single- to triple-car shelters. See our top-selling Double Garage - 5.6m x 5.5m x 2.1m Barn Door Eco-Nomy W41N3, which has comfortable space for two cars and a double barn door for easy access. If you’re a motor enthusiast, you might want a garage-workshop combination like our Spanbilt Smartbild Double Garage with Workshop 6m x 9m x 2.4m.

If you just need to house just one vehicle, though, you should look at our Single Garages. Or if you want to save on space, you might want to see our Roller Door models.

Price Updated as of September 29 2020

Go for Steel Kit Garages

More and more people are choosing DIY garages made of steel these days. And it’s more than just about durability and convenience.

Look and Feel. You might think that a steel building is just so basic and boring. But depending on your preference and, perhaps, a little imagination, you’ll see that a steel garage can give you the style that you want. You can actually make the metal look accentuate the manly aura that you want if you’re a car enthusiast. On the other hand, a bare, unpainted steel unit (like the garages in Zinc variety here at Simply Sheds) can further increase the mood of either a rustic or modern design.

Lower Price. Installing steel kit garages mainly cost less than building structures made of wood and other traditional materials. For the materials alone, steel is cheaper than timber. Also, you can put up the steel components on your own and you won’t need to hire a pro builder or buy a whole collection of tools and equipment for small construction. For our garages, in particular, your maintenance will be at a minimum and won’t require regular repainting because even the paint or finish of our steel materials are made to last long.

Environmental Contribution. Compared to timber sheds, steel sheds are considered friendlier to the environment. Steel is recyclable and is more sustainable as you won’t need to cut down trees. Especially with the steel used by our manufacturers, making them doesn’t involve any chemicals like the ones commonly used when treating timber.

And you’ll probably find a lot more reasons to go for steel garages when you look into our catalogue. The garage you want might be tagged with a big discount today! Shop now!