Meet Your Match: Which Shed Is Best for You?

We’ve always said that we’ve got a huge range of sheds in our store. And we just keep offering more varieties.

Why is that? Because we want you to have what you need, what you want: your additional space for whatever function or reason – gardening, DIY projects or just plain storage solution.

And to help you find the right shed for your yard, we’d like to introduce to you three basic shed types you’d want to start looking at in our wide selection.

Storage Sheds

One of the most practical and popular reasons people need sheds is to have additional sturdy storage that won’t occupy any more space inside the house. And we’ve got a good number of options for you to answer this problem.

Ezi Compact Garden Shed 0.78m x 0.78 in Zinc

absco ezicompact zinc

This is an ideal shed to keep your broom, shovel and other basic cleaning tools. And it’s not hard to find a corner where this compact storage can fit.

It’s part of the Ezislim range by ABSCO. All sheds in this line are made compact but big enough to store your basic home and garden equipment. 

YardSaver S42 1.4m x 0.71m S/D Colour

spanbilt yardsaver s42 cream

With its 1.4-metre width, it can accommodate even a mower. But it’s also slim, so it can still fit in your limited garden space. Its hinged single door is wide enough so you can easily access whatever you’ve stored inside.

It’s available in colours Rivergum, Smooth Cream and Slate Grey.

Garden Sheds

And if you’ve got your weekends busy with tending to your blooming garden, you should see our selection of Garden Sheds. We’ve got them in all sizes and various colours. And they’re all made of high-quality steel. By the way, don’t forget to ask us about our special offers for Garden Sheds.

Garden Shed 3m x 3m x 2m Colorbond 

 absco 3x3 colorbond shed

It’s square, but stylish. It comes in three colours so you can choose the shade that would best suit your backyard. Store all your mowers, shovels and even a portable shelf to organise all your gardening paraphernalia.

It comes from the ABSCO Eco-nomy Range, which features sheds made of high-tensile steel that’s more eco-friendly and affordable than most metal materials. Shop this category for more sizes and designs.

Regent Shed 3m x 1.44m

absco regent shed 3x144 pale eucalypt

That simple accent near the roof makes a big difference for this gable shed. It provides added storage and charm to your garden. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that it’s made of low-maintenance ribbed steel sheeting and engineered to withstand winds of up to 147 km/hr, like most Garden Sheds by ABSCO.

Workshop Sheds

For the DIY or arts and crafts fan, you know you want to have a private space in your backyard to do the hammering, painting and all the messy work without any disturbance. You’ll love our Workshop Sheds.

Yardpro Workshop 360A 3.6m x 3.4m in Zinc Cyclonic

spanbilt yardpro 360a zinc cyclonic

Of course, you’d need a lot of space all around to finish that DIY project. This shed is your solution, especially with the 2m wall height and extra-wide lockable double door. It’s available in two versions – one that’s made to last wind conditions for Region C TC2.5 and another for Regions A and B.

Highlander 5.96m(W) x 3m(D) x 2.3m(H) Colorbond

absco highlander workshop cream

As we say here at Simply Sheds, this is our solution for you if you’ve got a tall order regarding storage or activity space. You can put in here a workbench, higher shelving, or a couple or so of large pieces of equipment.

Made of Bluescope Colorbond steel sheets, this Workshop Shed is guaranteed to last for years. It’s one of the ABSCO Sheds that come with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

And we’re committed to deliver these sheds to you through the most convenient means available in your area. Ask us about our FREE Depot Delivery or Flat-Rate Home Delivery offers.