What accessories can I add to my ABSCO Shed?

We focus on delivering garden sheds, garages and other pre-fabricated, easy-to-install structures for the home. And ABSCO Sheds, the leading brand of ready-to-install sheds in Australia, is the most popular among our customers here at Simply Sheds. 

Even if it’s prefabricated, you can still make products from this favourite shed range more functional and efficient. Adding the recommended accessories can help further upgrade these already excellent sheds.

So let’s introduce you to these accessories that we have readily available, and choose which ones you’d like to add to your shed order.

Sliding Perspex Window

Perspex is the top brand of acrylic glass today. It’s extra-strong transparent plastic sheet that’s lightweight and shatter-resistant and today’s recommended alternative to glass, especially when it comes to windows.
You can add a Sliding Perspex Window to your garden shed or workshop – with a minimum size of 3m x 2.26m. It comes with a white plastic frame and has a tota size of .7m x .2m. Please note that this is not available for delivery to depot.

Anchor Set

If you’re located in high-wind areas, it is advised that you build your ABSCO shed on a concrete slab. While we don’t build concrete slabs for our customers, we do offer Concrete Anchor Sets approved by ABSCO themselves. These accessories are made to firmly place your ABSCO shed onto a concrete slab.

How many Anchors do you need for your shed? It, of course, varies according to your shed’s size. You can refer to this list below:

absco concrete anchor set1.50m x 0.78m - 8 Anchors ( 1 pack of 8)
2.25m x 0.78m - 8 Anchors ( 1 pack of 8)
3.00m x 0.78m - 8 Anchors ( 1 pack of 8)
2.25m x 1.50m - 12 Anchors( 1 pack of 12)
2.25m x 2.25m - 12 Anchors ( 1 pack of 12)
1.50m x 1.50m - 8 Anchors ( 1 pack of 8)
3.00m x 1.50m - 12 Anchors ( 1 pack of 12)
3.00m x 2.25m - 12 Anchors ( 1 pack of 12)
3.00m x 3.00m - 12 Anchors ( 1 pack of 12)
3.00m x 3.70m - 16 Anchors ( 2 packs of 8)
4.50m x 2.25m - 16 Anchors ( 2 packs of 8)
4.50m x 3.00m - 16 Anchors (2 packs of 8 )
6.00m x 3.00m - 24 Anchors (2 Packs of 12) or (3 packs of 8)

Please note that this is not available for delivery to depot.

Skylight Roof Sheet

Different skylight sheet sizes are recommended for garages, garden sheds and awnings. 

absco skylightSkylight for Garage
Our 1.90m x 0.773m Skylight Sheet is suitable for all ABSCO Garages.

Skylight for Garden Shed
Our small-size Skylight Sheet (1546mm x 375mm) fits ABSCO Garden Sheds, Workshops and Utility Sheds sized at least 3m x 2.26m.

Skylight for Patio Awning
Our 2.93m x 0.75m is what’s recommended for all Patio Awnings.

Please note that the addition of this accessory to your shed will alter the sequence of pre-punched holes in the roof panel. You may need to drill extra 3mm holes to secure roof to the wall panel.

Shed Blanket Insulation

To help counter extreme weather conditions, consider placing our ABSCO Shed Blanket. It will keep your shed cool during the summer and warm at winter time.

ABSCO Shed Blanket consists of layers of air bubbles placed in between 99+% pure aluminium foils. With these components, this product reflects back 97% of the radiant heat (the heat that we feel from the sun) so we can live more comfortably in our home whatever the season. As a result, the Shed Blanket also protects sheds from corrosion and oxidisation.

Each roll measures 3.20m x 1.50m. You’ll need from 1 to 4 rolls, depending on the size of your shed.

ABSCO Shed Blanket complies with Australian Standards of Insulation material including Fire and R-value calculations. It comes with a 15-year warranty.

absco timber flooring kitTimber Flooring Kit

This is one good option if you’re building your shed on a sloping ground and not in a high-wind area. Our ABSCO-Approved Timber Treated Flooring Kit is made  from 100% Australian renewable plantation-grown timber. The flooring lifts your shed off the ground and, with the material being pre-treated, it helps promote long-term protection from insect and fungal attack for your shed.

It is pre-measured, pre-cut and easy to install. You’ll need from 1 to 16 packs of Flooring Kit, depending on the size of your shed. It fits all Garden Sheds, except the Ezislider.

Look at these accessories before you complete your shed order with us. Make sure you place your orders for these accessories at the time of purchase of your garage, garden shed or awning.

Ask us for more info by calling 1300 66 77 48 or sending email to customerservice@simplysheds.com.au.