What Are Eco Garden Sheds?

Date Posted:20 May 2016 

These are the Garden Sheds in the ABSCO Sheds’ ECO-nomy Range.

Why ‘ECO-nomy’? First, they ‘re eco-friendly as they’re made from chromium-free steel and even comes in 100% recycled packaging. Second, each shed is reasonably priced and low-maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about the costs and effort of repainting and other major work after you’ve purchased it.

These Garden Sheds come in various designs and sizes, ranging from slim skillions to 3m x 3m gable sheds.

absco eco shed skillion

The 1.52m x 0.78m Garden Shed with skillion roof is recommended for those who need a secure shelter for their mower and other backyard tools but don’t have a lot of extra space.

absco eco shed 226

The 2.26m x 1.52m Garden Shed has a gable roof and can accommodate even portable racks and organisers. 

absco eco shed 3x366

The 3m x 3.66m Garden Shed can fit in even bikes or large gardening equipment. It measures 2.06m at the gable so it won’t be a problem for the taller ones out there.

ABSCO is known to produce high-quality steel structures, and these Eco Garden Sheds are no different. Each comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

While it’s durable, it’s also made easy to install with ABSCO’s patented SNAPTiTE Assembly System. It minimises the use of screws and with the steel channels that come with the walls in the kit. The result is a cleaner, sturdier building that you can build without the help of a professional builder.

The featured products are just three of the ABSCO Sheds in this ECO-nomy Range. Each is also available in various colours. See SimplySheds.com.au for the complete list of available Eco Garden Sheds.