What's included in my Spanbilt shed order?

Date Posted:16 May 2016 

We’ve previously featured ABSCO Sheds and what you’ll get when you order one of its highly recommended products. Another renowned shed brand that we carry is Spanbilt. It has been supplying quality storage solutions in Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years. They’ve been manufacturing excellent garages and garden sheds – making household names of Yardsaver, Yardpro and other such models.

At Simply Sheds, you’ll see the Spanbilt collection of smart storage solutions in a variety of colours and sizes. To help you know what you’ll receive from us when you choose this superb brand, we’re letting you know below the inclusions in a Spanbilt order.

spanbilt spacemaker

The Shed Parts

Hi-tensile steel sheets and channels with pre-punched holes. These are the main components in your shed kitset. The number of sheets and channels you’ll get will, of course, vary according to the type and size of the product you’ll order. They’re durable and easy to transport and build. You can check each product page for the shipping size.

Screws and corner brackets. You only need to provide the drill, because the screws are already provided. The brackets keep the shed sturdy and in its square shape.

Doors. They come with bracing for extra strength against wind. Number of panels and additional parts would vary on the shed model – e. g., door seals for double doors.

Bolt Fixtures. A bolt-down kit and masonry anchors are included to attach the structure to a concrete slab.
Instructions. You’ll get an instruction booklet with illustrations that make each building step easy to follow. Online tutorial videos are also available. For additional support, please call us at Simply Sheds 1300 66 77 48.

Spanbilt sheds supplied by Simply Sheds use the Fasttrack Assembly System. One of the things that make the system effective is the individual part numbering. Check you’ve got the proper numbering for each part as indicated in the instruction booklet.

Optional Items

Organisers. The best accessories to get with a Spanbilt shed are its organisers. These will keep your shed tidy and your storage and work more efficient.
●    Multi-purpose Hook Set – includes 5 hooks
●    3-Tier Shelf – 760 x 300 x 580m
●    Corner Shelf – includes 6 shelves (770 x 300mm)
●    Tool Hanging Rack
Skylight and Perspex Window. If you need more natural light or to improve ventilation in your shed, consider getting these with your order.

Floor Kit. If you’re not in a high-wind location and if you need to make only a semi-permanent installation, we have a floor kit using durable galvanised steel frame. You only need to add plywood to complete your wooden flooring surface.

You can opt to use the Floor Kit frame with compacted road base or as formwork for a concrete floor. You can also bolt it down onto an existing timber or concrete surface.

Installation Assistance. We’re not a construction company; so unfortunately, we cannot build your shed for you. But we’re always ready to recommend professional installers in your area. We can also help you with DIY plans and videos. Please call us at 1300 66 77 48 or email customerservice@simplysheds.com.au.


Over four decades of making superior sheds mean delivering products that have satisfied countless customers. Spanbilt backs up their products with a 15-year warranty in Australia and New Zealand. 

What does this mean for you? According to the Spanbilt site, it primarily covers these:

●    Zinc and/or galvanised panel materials will not rust.
●    Coloured panel materials will not rust, flake, peel or blister.

Keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t include accessories like fasteners, pad bolts, Floor Kits and others.

So when you order a spanbilt® shed, you can be assured that you’ll get almost everything that you need to put up a utility shed, workshop, garage or whatever storage solution you want in your property. Among this brand’s products you should also check out here at Simply Sheds are the spacious Smartbild garages and Yardpro workshops, which are available with cyclonic ratings. See why they’re becoming popular recently.