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Last Updated: January 22 2021

Put your feet up and relax in your own backyard – rain or shine! Grab one of these easy-to-build Patios and discover a new space in your home where you can chill out by yourself or entertain guests.

It’s a great addition to any Australian home that sports a deck or decent-sized outdoor area. It gives you more space that you never thought you’ve had all along. You can go for a 3x3 Patio if you’ve got a minimal area. But if you’ve got ample space in your property, we really do recommend our 3x6 Patio Covers to give you more room for your afternoon tea set-up, a favourite hammock or even a party place.

We offer these Patios in different colours and with big discounts. But they always sell fast! See our catalogue now and don’t miss out on our amazing deals!

Price Updated as of January 22 2021

What a Patio Cover Does to Your Home

A Patio Cover maximises your outdoor area – in more ways than one. It doesn’t just add space, but it also lets you do more of the things you like in your home. It helps you bring in more of your personality to your property.

Function. You can do more with that extra space outside aside from just decorating it with plants. With just a basic kit of durable steel materials, you can have that lovely alfresco area you’ve admired in other houses. You can make it into an entertainment space or a personal retreat. It actually depends on what you want to make of it. Just put in the proper furniture and accessories to create the scene you want.

Personality. Having a covered backyard, front porch or side patio helps you make the home tailored to your preferences. For instance, you can enjoy barbeques and picnics all year long if that’s what your family loves. Or you can have that English garden setting where you can have afternoon chats with your friends without having to worry about the rain or too much sun.

Add more space and charm to your home today. Choose the Patio Cover for your outdoors now!