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Garden Sheds

The classic Australian shed goes with an Aussie backyard like a meat pie goes with sauce.  Whether you're looking for a garden shed for the backyard with a little extra storage space to hold your favourite mower, a workshop shed to double as a man cave and your hideaway from home...  or something just to store your tools in, we've got you covered.


We don't do the big custom stuff like some others do, we stick to what we are good at, and what we are good at is garages around the 6x6 mark. We stock single garages, double garages, and triple garages. Since we stick to the smaller garages, we are able to focus is on sourcing, and supplying kit garages at the absolute best prices we can (To the point that if you find a better price and we can't beat it, the product is free!). 


Need a place to put your car/boat/truck/husband (ok we're just kidding on that last one, we don't recommend you do that! Try the man cave instead!), then a single carport, or double carport might be just what you are looking for.  Not quite a garage, but most definitely suitable to keeping things dry, a carport is a great addition to any home look to keep something out of the weather, without having to pay through the nose.


The sun is setting, the barbie is cooking, and you're enjoying a cold one sitting under your new patio cover.  This is what every weekend should look, sound, and smell like, a setting that let's you unwind and relax from the stresses of the week.  With both zincalume and colorbond patios, coming in two sizes, a 3x3 and 3x6, we can help make this become a reality for you.


The bird aviaries we've sourced, are just amazing. We specialise in aviaries that are under the 3m mark, and you'll find quite a large selection to choose from. Our most popular by far are our 3m x 2.26m aviaries, but we have a range of sizes that will suit most types of birds/chickens you may be looking to house.

What we don't do!

It's important to know you're good at, and it's also important to know what you should stay away from! Here's a simplified version of what we stay away from:

1) Big Stuff - if it's big (as in, bigger than 10m x 10m, there's a good chance we don't do it)

2) Custom Stuff - how can we keep our prices so low? We stick to what we're good at, and we do a LOT of it. If you're looking for something custom, and want to spend a lot more money than you should unfortunately we can't help you

3) Import Cheap #&!% - as an Australian family owned business, we always try to support other quality Australian brands. Australian made is the way we go everyway we can.

What makes us different?

We're a family owned business that wants to help other Australians buy quality Australian made sheds. You can check out our 7 reasons to choose Simply Sheds here.